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Common PDF tax forms

Federal W-4

Federal W-9

Federal 1040 (2013)*

Federal 1040A (2013)*

Federal 1040EZ (2013)*

Arizona A-4 (2014)

Arizona 140 Non fillable, fillable available soon (2013)



*Please note as of 01/15/2014 not all 2013 Forms are available




Online tax preparation software

This software is for anyone who wishes to prepare their taxes online. Also, a great way to get your childrens returns filed and have them receive their refunds quickly. This is a great alternative to purchasing tax software. The 1040EZ form is FREE for everything, Other forms have a nominal fee.. Pay nothing until you have finished the return, and are ready to print or E-file.

Helping Hands
This site is for non-profit organizations that would like to use our tax software as a way of generating income for their organization.

Go Greenbag
Help us help the environment and save yourself money at the same time.




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